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June 7, 2022

#3/5 Young Entrepeneur has success in Yorkshire Dales

#3/5 Young Entrepeneur has success in Yorkshire Dales

In this episode Susan talks with Ed Taylor, an inspirational young entrepeneur, who, in spite of all the challenges going on recently, has actually set up his own successful business. At the age of 26, and with just two years running the company under his belt, Ed has 8 employees and is currently recruiting for more.

Having been brought up in Leeds and encouraged from an early age to work hard, Ed's work ethic is strong and he was earning money for himself from the age of 8. He relocated to the dales to be with his partner Aishlinn, and confesses that at the same time as he was falling in love with her he also fell in love with the rural lifestyle. Many would have found the challenge of starting a business daunting, at one of the most difficult times in recent history, however Ed has risen to this and has plenty of enthusiasm moving forwards.

So listen in to hear Ed's no nonsense approach, talking about what brought him to the dales and how his entrepeneurial mindset formed at such a young age. 

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About the Host:

Susan is actively involved in promoting Yorkshire businesses with audio production and  on social media, as well as sharing her love of the area where she lives. She moved to the dales over 30 years ago and is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home. Never ceasing to be amazed at the wealth of talent ‘Inside Yorkshire’ Susan shares news and views, interviewing some of the inspirational people who reside there.

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