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May 7, 2022

#3/2 -Wild Water Swimmer - Stuart Gledhill

#3/2 -Wild Water Swimmer - Stuart Gledhill

In this episode Susan chats with extreme wild swimmer Stuart Gledhill. Stuart is one of the founder members of the Dales Dippers swim group based in the Yorkshire dales and has been swimming oudoors since he was very young. Stuart is also a Brigantes Courier driver and in the summer months this gives him ample opportunity to check out new swimming places and if he has enough time he fits in swims between drops.

In light of the more recent surge in popularity of this sport Stuart talks about safety whilst swimming and the need to be aware of cold water shock. This is the automatic response that your body can have to cold water. Please check out the article by Suzie Wheway in the notes below...as Stuart says " dont let it put you off, but be informed to keep yourself safe".

Stuart has taken part in charity fundraising for Crisis, a dip a day every day in January which he took part in with other members of the Dales dippers group earlier this year. Every day in such cold temperatures is quite an achievement.

He also went to the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships in March this year and won a silver medal in the breast stroke section. This was a great surprise to him at the time so much so that when he chatted about it he couldnt remember which colour medal he won.

So listen in and enjoy learning more about his activities and why we say he is an extreme wild swimmer.

Valuable Resources:

Stuart Gledhill - Instagram he is @daleswildswim

Youtube: http://youtube.com/c/kitestu

Facebook: https://facebook.com/stuart.gledhill.5

Website: https://gledz.wordpress.com

Cold Water Shock article


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