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April 6, 2020

#2/14 Nuclear Energy with Adam Fisher

#2/14 Nuclear Energy with Adam Fisher

The guest in this episode is Adam Fisher and he talks to Susan about his impression of the ghost town of Pripyat during his scientific tour of Chernobyl. Animals have taken over the area, moving in after humans moved out. Wildlife such as lynx, elk and wolves now roam the wasteland. At night wolves could be heard howling outside the hotel where he was staying and during his visit Adam was intrigued by the number of stray dogs who followed them travelling through the area. 

About the Guest:

Adam studies at the University of Sheffield where he is a PhD student at the Nuclear Centre for Doctoral training.His research speciality is in the disposal of nuclear waste materials and during the trip he investigated lava-like material left behind after the melt down at the Chernobyl disaster site. The disposal of nuclear residue is a global issue and Adam gave his opinion on how that can be safely achieved.

Valuable Resources:

RWM Radioactive Waste Management


About the Host:

Susan is actively involved in promoting Yorkshire businesses with audio production and  on social media. She has been living in Yorkshire for over 30 years. She is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home and she never ceases to be amazed at the wealth of talent ‘Inside Yorkshire’.

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Susan Baty-Symes

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