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April 22, 2019

#045 Safeguarding Our Planet -Abel to Speak

#045 Safeguarding Our Planet -Abel to Speak

In this episode Susan talks to Mike Sparrow whose recent project has involved him in researching climate change. This episode begins with the depressing facts about where we are rapidly heading if we don't radically change our impact upon planet earth. It is not all doom and gloom however because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

About the Guest:

Mike's passion is to draw attention to conservation and his recent project highlights the speed at which human behavior is impacting our climate and the future of earth as we know it.

He has a dream for the benefit of all citizens of our planet; to safeguard the security of our climate for future generations. In his dream, The COP 24 UN Climate Change Conference resolves to make carbon capture the priority initiative of all member governments to combat global warming and actively decarbonise our atmosphere.

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About the Host:

Susan is actively involved in promoting Yorkshire businesses with audio production and  on social media. She has been living in Yorkshire for over 30 years. She is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home and she never ceases to be amazed at the wealth of talent ‘Inside Yorkshire’ and the tales that people have to tell.


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