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April 14, 2019

#044 Woodcraft Warriors Dealing with PTSD

#044 Woodcraft Warriors Dealing with PTSD

In this episode Susan follows on from last week by talking to Ted Grainger, the third founding member of the Veteran's Woodcraft group supporting people affected by their military service. Also interviewed today are two further members of the group, Andy and Matt. .. all three talk openly about their mental health struggles with PTSD since leaving service. 

The veterans also help in the community by providing outreach support to mental health groups in the area, teaching woodcraft skills and giving theraputic support to those in need. They are taking part in a bid for lottery funding through the People's Project - Woodwork Warriors and need your votes to secure funding to further grow their reach and increase the support that they can offer.

Set-up by a group of veterans, Veterans Woodcraft delivers woodcraft courses to help veterans who have been physically and mentally affected by their military service.
By working with wood, they help them rebuild their lives, grow in confidence and develop their resilience to help them recover and lead active, fulfilling lives.

About the Guests:

Ted Grainger is the technical director of the company using sophisticated CNC software and equipment to create intricate items of wood carving. He is ex RAF and has studied CNC and CAD to reach a high level of proficiency in the use of the Legacy machines. Ted very openly discusses his PTSD and how it has impacted his life over the years.

Andy was an army chef and good naturedly accepts that this can put him on the receiving end of banter from his fellow Woodcraft Warriors. He enjoys the camaraderie and supportive environment in which he and fellow members can relax and flourish whilst learning new skills. Andy gives back by helping support new members and also helps with outreach activities.

Matt Wightman first met the group's founding members at Phoenix House Recovery Centre in Catterick, where Help for Heroes runs its recovery services in the North. He suffered badly having a fellow serviceman and room mate commit suicide at the age of 19 whilst serving in Ireland. His later service in Bosnia only increased the pressure upon him, the result in later life was PTSD. However he joined a class to make an electric guitar out of wood and the confidence he gained in the process has led him into better health and increased his self worth.So confident is he now that he holds an equity card and has acted in several plays.

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Your vote could help them achieve their next step by enabling them to deliver even more to the wider community, voting starts on Monday 1 April 2019 at 9 AM and will continue until noon on 15 April 2019

About the Host:

Susan has been living in Yorkshire for over 30 years. She is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home and she never ceases to be amazed at the wealth of talent ‘Inside Yorkshire’ and the tales that people have to tell.

She is actively involved in promoting Yorkshire businesses with audio production and  on social media.

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