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July 16, 2018

#005 A Rescue Story - Michael Wood

#005 A Rescue Story - Michael Wood

Welcome to the Inside Yorkshire Podcast. A podcast full of stories and tales from the people of Yorkshire. In this episode, your host Susan Baty-Symes interviews Michael Wood. Michael was airlifted by YAA after a life-threatening accident when his horse spooked and fell on top of him. This is an inspirational story of his determination to get back on his horse again, and his work to raise funds for those who assisted his survival and recovery.

Susan asks Michael to share his incredible story almost 5 years ago to the day of his near-fatal horse riding accident and the inspirational service of the Yorkshire air ambulance service. Discover how at aged 54 Michael had never really been in the hospital nor did he know the wonderful lengths the NHS and supporting charities go to in order to keep people safe.

Learn how on a beautiful sunny day, riding with his friend, close to the North Yorkshire Moors. Michael was thrown from his horse and needed to be airlifted to safety and immediately operated on to save his life and how it was all captured by BBC documentary ‘Helicopter Heroes’

Michael discusses the near-death experience and emotions he felt, whilst complimenting the unrivalled services provided by the NHS and how he too wanted to give back. Discover the phenomenal lengths Michael goes to, to support the NHS and the charity that saved his life and how after 3 weeks in the hospital and 6 months recovering he was back on the horse doing what he loves.


  • No idea the Yorkshire air ambulance existed, or that it was a charity that costs £12,000 a day to run.
  • It was an educational trip, and 1 week in intensive care led me to be socially conscious, I watched people come and go and not once say thank you, or give anything back to the system that had helped them.  I wanted to find a way to repay the air ambulance and try and find a different methodology to try and raise funds, so I wrote a book.


  • “These guys saved my life, I would be dead without them.”
  • “I was thrown from the horse and I couldn’t get my breath back.”
  • “It wasn’t till they rolled me on a stretcher I knew that something was seriously wrong.”
  • “The most amazing thing was visiting the aircraft that saved me, it was a huge learning curve for me and I’ve never given up since. Never say never.”
  • “I never thought I would end up in James Cook hospital, life just deals you that hand.”


Michael Wood  Whatever it takes book and DVD contact through www.yorkshireairambulance.org.uk


Susan has been living in Yorkshire for over 30 years.  She is passionate about the county she has adopted as her home and she never ceases to be amazed at the wealth of talent ‘Inside Yorkshire’ and the tales that people tell.




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