Series 2 Episode 8 The Better Business Bee

23 Feb

In this episode Susan talks to Paula Richardson about her consultancy; she is the Better Business Bee.They talk about the one certainty everyone in business can agree on, the need to continually change to both survive and to grow.  No matter what business you are in, you will need to make some changes along the way.  As Paula says "when you have your head down working in your business every day it's very difficult to take the time to look up and see the bigger picture". She talks about how she can help small businesses grow & expand, be more efficient, change direction and take action when needed.

About the Guest:

Paula has a wealth of experience having run several businesses herself and she understands how rewarding running your own business can be. She has experience of working in several different sectors and can relate to how hard it can be sometimes just keeping the wheels of the business running each day. She uses her experience of small business ownership  to assess where changes can be made to help business owners work more productively.

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