Series 2 Episode 6 Time to celebrate with Jackie Warburton

11 Feb

In this episode Susan and Jackie discuss her skill in crafting a bespoke ceremony written for the individuals taking part, which can be tailored to be completely personal and unique. We learn about the differences between being a registrar and a celebrant and the variety of celebrations that she covers. She is professional and caring, and as an excellent listener, can help you focus on the important aspects of your celebration whilst taking the stress out of managing it.   

Jackie is an experienced (ex-Registrar) Independent Celebrant based in Yorkshire but she is also happy to travel throughout the north of England. Her company is called IDoYourCeremony, a play on the words most often used during a traditional wedding ceremony.

Jackie spends time getting to know her clients so that she can work with them to create a ceremony uniquely personal to them. She specialises in weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies, as well as naming ceremonies and soon to be added celebrations of life.

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