Series 2 Episode 4 Fourum Folk Group

11 Feb

In this episode we feature two tracks from Fourum's popular music and Susan talks to Jim Jack about how the band started in 1972 and quickly grew in popularity. The name of the band came initially from the latin word Forum meaning a meeting place, with the addition of the extra letter U to distinguish from other groups. It also reinforces the setup of the band which over the years has predominantly had four main performers.  

About the Guests:

The group began with four members: Allen Miller, Jim Jack, Bob Hattersley and Dave Smith, who all worked together teaching at Hummersknott school in Darlington. The lineup changed over the next few years and then settled with the addition of Sandy Still in 1978. Most of their original songs were written and composed by Allen Miller and more recently Rod Hall has contributed with some of his creations and is now a member of the band.

Sadly Bob Hattersley passed away in 2010 and as an ongoing tribute to him Fourum raise funds for Cancer Research, around £16000 so far.

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