Series 2 Episode 1 New thriller series by Leona Deakin

11 Feb

In this episode Susan is talking to Leona Deakin about her newly released book, Gone, the first of a series, featuring psychologist investigator and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom. The mystery to solve is where have four apparent strangers disappeared to and what is the game that has enticed them away? This is an addictive debut thriller with an ingenious hook that turns the missing person plot on its head. What if the missing people are the dangerous ones? No answers in this will need to buy the book to find out! 

Leona is an occupational psychologist living in Leeds with her family. She became inspired to write when creating crime scenarios working with West Yorkshire Police. Leona shares her journey to publication with Penguin Random House and the subject matter of her next three books in the series. Tune in to hear about her journey so far. No shortage of compelling subject matter here, Leona is certainly one to watch.

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