Episode 39 Painting murals in the underworld

12 Mar

In this episode Susan talks to Leyburn artist Lynn Ward, whose first job out of art college was painting the underworld murals in The Forbidden Corner in Coverdale. Lynn has had a prolific career and embraced many different styles over the years painting for commissioned projects.

Lynn is Yorkshire born and bred and has spent most of her life living in Wensleydale. She attended art college, first in York and afterwards at Cleveland before embarking upon a career which led her underground, painting murals and creating statues during the inception of The Forbidden Corner. It was a formative time for the young artist who then progressed to working on a 90 foot mural for the Dunkirk Veterans event at Tennants in Leyburn.

Lynn is currently finishing off a large classical painting commission and she is about to do a painting demonstration in Hartlepool. She has artwork on display in her studio and can be found there most days when she is not working on site or playing her cornet in Leyburn Brass Band.

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